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How can S&C help me improve my game?

Improves Strength

Strength training in combat sports improves power, striking force, muscular endurance, speed, agility, and injury prevention

Take your Conditioning to the next level
Specific conditioning training improves combat sport performance by targeting the development of sport-specific physical attributes and skills, such as endurance, power, speed, agility, and technique.

Confidence through the roof
Strength and conditioning training boosts confidence by improving an athlete's physical capabilities. Increased strength and endurance enable athletes to perform at their best, execute techniques with power and control, and sustain high levels of performance for longer durations. This heightened physical ability enhances confidence in one's own skills and capabilities.

Increase in Power and Rate of Force Development

Power training improves combat sport performance by increasing striking power, speed, agility, and overall explosiveness. It helps athletes generate more force behind their strikes and kicks, resulting in greater impact on opponents. Additionally, power training enhances rapid force production, leading to quicker movements, improved footwork, and enhanced agility in combat sports.

Speed and Agility 
Speed and agility training in combat sports improve performance by enhancing an athlete's speed, explosiveness, and ability to change direction rapidly. This leads to quicker movements, better reaction times, and increased agility, allowing athletes to close distances, evade strikes, and execute offensive and defensive techniques more effectively.

Coaching Program Overview

Customized Coaching Programs
(1-2-1 & Online)

My coaching is personalized to each athlete's needs and goals, ensuring a program tailored specifically to you.

Expert Coaching

I have years of experience working in the sports industry across a variety of sports, allowing me to have a thorough understanding of what it takes to perform at the highest level.

Achieve Goals

I take a goal-oriented approach, working with you to establish specific, measurable, and achievable goals to help you succeed.

Accountability and Support

I coach with ongoing support and guidance, with regular check-ins to discuss progress and make any necessary adjustments, ensuring accountability and helping you stay on track.

Dan McGowan
X2 world champion

“Paolo is a great coach who has taken my strength to the next level. Furthermore I have noticed the difference in the way my body look."
Strength & conditioning_edited.jpg

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